re: the increasingly re-told (because so easily mis-remembered) importance of the simple act

the message of Mexico
the importance of ritual
the foreign to be found within the familiar

- L's person-fragments, with framed voids
- N's "problem" exercises with 2 pals
- Nz's digital video, presented within the same ephemeral language as the subject itself
and, my earlier artist statement: re: presence, absence and repetition....

from the past 2 months:
Christine Tarkowski, visiting artist, Cranbrook Fiber
Hamid Dabashi + Iranian Cinema, critical studies speaker
Tom Friedman and also here
(to be both dumb (obvious) and mysterious (complex))
Gabriel Orozco
(to probe the object inside + out. simultaneously)
my buddy Ludwig
(there is no answer, why are you still asking the question?)
Glen Seator (presence/absence)
Hella Jongerius (smart hands)
David Dunn, artist in residence,
Cranbrook October 2002

oh, and: paradox
para - (beyond) doxa (opinion)
para - (beyond) dokein (thought)
event horizon.1
13 November 2002